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Teen Process

For students under the age of 18 the state of Illinois requires 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind the wheel (BTW) instruction and 6 hours of in car observation or 8 hours of private BTW instruction. Our classes are fully insured, licensed, certified and endorsed by the Office of the Secretary of State. Each classroom period is 2 hours long, and are held M-Th for four weeks or in the summer M-F (to match the summer school schedule). A BTW session lasts three hours and consists of one & a half hour of driving and one & a half hour of observation. We also offer a class that involves 8 hours of private behind the wheel, no observation is required. Per State requirements, up to 4 classroom times can be missed in a session but must be made up in other sessions in order for your student to qualify for their drivers license. You must complete the entire program of classroom and BTW within 9 months form the date of the first classroom lesson.

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Step 1 - Turning 15 - Enroll in Class- Bring forms and start class
When your child turns 15 (or if they turn 15 by the end of the in-class instruction period) they can be enrolled in the driving class. They must also be able to show proof of 8 passing grades during the last two high school semesters.

Please check our links page
for the appropriate grade eligibility forms for high school, home schooled and non 8 passing grade forms.

For the first day of class you should bring (all forms can be found on the Forms page):

Students will focus on learning the basic rules of the road and prepare for the written permit test. They will receive the Rules of the Road Booklet to study in class but, due to Secretary of State's budget and time restrains, they are not always available for your child to keep. You can print one for home use by going to our forms page Per State of Illinois rules, a student is allowed to miss up to 4 classes within a session. All of which must be made up. If more than 4 classes are missed, per state law, the student is required to take the course again in its entirety.

Once the 30 hour of classroom has been completed and all forms submitted and fees paid we will send a Certificate of Academic Completion to the registrar at your high school. You will then get credit for graduation.

Step 2 - Get driving permit

After completing 4 hours of class (2 days)  your child will be able to take the permit test at the Drivers License Facility of your choice. Click here for locations.

You will be required to bring the following items:

  • Original copy of birth certificate or passport
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses if you wear them (you will be taking an eye test)
  • A $20 check, cash or money order made out to "Secretary of State"
  • Completed application form (they will receive this in class)
  • Proof of where they live...something with their address on (report card, etc.)
  • Proof of signature...something with their signature on (school ID, passport etc.)
Click here for acceptable ID requirements
Step 3 - Schedule Behind the Wheel (BTW) times

Once your child has obtained their permit, and all class fees are paid, they can schedule their behind the wheel (BTW) portion of their class. We encourage you to schedule all your BTW sessions as soon as possible as our drive times fill up quite quickly. Our times are very flexible, and we pick your child up at your house, work or school (within a reasonable distance).

  • You can schedule your lesson on line through your student log in.
  • Please have your permit available so you can enter the permit number, facility control number and permit issue date in the system. You will not be able to book any drives unless all three pieces of information are entered.
  • You must have your original permit with you each time you drive.
  • A fee of $50 will be applied if a BTW is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled drive or if the student does not show for the drive or if the student does not have their original permit with them.
  • All BTW and classroom must be completed within 6 months of the first classroom date.
Step 4 - Complete all State requirements

Your child will be required to meet these standards in order to take their final drivers exam:

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction
  • 6 BTW hours & 6 Observation hours or 8 hours of private BTW instruction
  • 50 hours of documented driving (10 of which must be a night)
  • Be minimum age of 16
  • Hold your drivers permit for a minimum of 9 months
  • All required paperwork submitted to the drivers education school
Step 5 - Get your Drivers License

Once your child has completed the requirements and all fees due to Driving 4 Teens have been paid, we will send notification to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State will enter the information into their system and you will be able to take your driving test (this could take a couple of weeks). Please enter your permit number in the below link to verify the state has your information.
You may receive a Certification of Completion letter from the state, if so you will not need to verify you permit in the above link.

  • Certification of Completion Letter (if you received one)
  • Social Security Card
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate
  • Document showing current address (mail, bank statement, school transcript etc.)
  • Original Instruction permit
  • Valid vehicle insurance card
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • 50 hour certification form